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Need to share this now I think its the best time to do it in the wake of some people trying to promote war, which to me is disgusting. This photo of me and Suzanne Barakat was taken at a meet and greet session after my show recently in San Francisco. She introduced herself to me & I immedietly realized who she was, I broke into tears, hugged her and thanked her for coming to my show to show love and support. Earlier this year Suzanne lost her brother Deah, his wife, and sister in law to a hatecrime, a tragedy we all know today as the Chapel Hill shooting. This meeting happened just a couple of days after the Paris shooting and had given me a greater meaning to whatever I do. Not a day goes by during my tour in the United States without me praying for everybody's safety. Alhamdulillah I only felt love and positive energy in the venues I was performing at. People of different colours and beliefs coming together under one roof which simply means that unity is possible. This inspires me to be brave. Do not let fear and hate dictate your heart. There are hatemongers out there trying to declare war but we must not give in!! It is important to stand by PEACE and stand up against attacks in all communities. And know that no one should be persecuted for the actions of others. May peace be upon you, no matter what your background is. If your belief is to create a peaceful enviroment, then I am with you my brother/sister. The world needs you. Prayers and condolences to all who lost their loved ones to these tragic attacks.



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