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TROPIKA UNIKA// Content Creator ____________________ Follow @tropikaunika and email us if you want some keewwl images/video grid content for your hotels, brands, boutiques, cafes! We have a great team that can take your social media presence to the next level! Email us and I can't wait to see your ideas! (For serious inquires only!) We're open to businesses worldwide too! Let's do this! #tropikaunika _____________________ You've seen my grids and how I incorporate videos to my Instagram layout (no i don't use an app!) and Alhamdulillah I'm very happy that I got a lot of questions and requests about designing/ creating content for other business accounts. I learned how to do this about 4 years ago on Adobe, didn't do anything about it, instead taught people how to do it. I only started creating my own content last year for various campaigns I was involved with.. @hattaxyuna @novemberculture @skii @covergirl @diormakeup @ellemalaysia @americaneagle @shesmercedes now I'm up for that job (well me and some designers ) I was just waiting for the right time. Follow @tropikaunika, email us and let us know what you wanna see happen on your Instagram! #contentcreator #curatedbyyuna #freelancerforlyfe



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