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I wanted someone out of this world. Instead I found someone who is very much in tune with this world. Thank you for treating everyone around you so kindly, and participating in everything that I do wholeheartedly.. i missed most parts of the festival because I had to do work, I was pretty bummed i missed all the shows and activities but you were my eyes on that day. Going through all the footage made me so happy you captured people enjoying #LOVELIFEST2017, babies, my mom and dad, ALL the didnt even have to do all that but because of you i get to experience my own festival through the videos. You joined games,talked to people, let them take selfies.. you are so wonderful. Who knew 5 years ago when we met we would be here now? I know Im not an easy person to be with..I come with a lot of baggage & responsibilities but you're brave enough to embrace what I am. With you I get to be the strong woman you tell me that I am, with you I also get to be normal again. I'm so lucky to have found a love in a friend. I'm sad I don't have a proper festival photo with you, I had to give my time to my fans and my job. But inshaAllah if God permits there will be a time when our day will be ours only. The way you treat people will continue to inspire me..thanks for showing me what I deserve, finally.



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