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Thank you @uber_my for being my ride today (and rides to many others too!) to #LOVELIFEST2017! In this videi i went to the site at 9am.. (thats why it looks empty. Wait till you see our wrap up video... amazing turn ups!) Its going AMAZING so far alhamdulillah! weathers been great, if you're around the area come join us! More awesome artists and bands performing as we speak! Tickets at the gate for RM180.. and use your Uber fan to stay cool throughout the day! Make sure to check out @lovelifest account for Uber promo code when youre getting a ride to Lovelifest! Have a safe trip and I'll see ya soon! Music : @enterenterprise feat @bilmusa - Cécile La Lumière Video by Mr. Sinclair #ubermy #uberlovelifest



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