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SWIPE LEFT// 1 DAY TILL #LOVELIFEST2017 Some tips for all you festival goers tomorrow 1. Malaysian weather is unpredictable! Bring a poncho. For safety reasons, umbrellas of any size is not allowed to the festival! 2. It can rain and it can get sunny & hot! Bring your fav hat! We also have a chill out tent/ park dome at the festival! 3. Bring your own bag! Our vendors wont be giving out plastic bags to keep our enviroment clean, so bring your own tote bags! Official merch will be available for sale too tomorrow! 3. Bring a picnic blanket! 4. Absolutely no smoking around the festival site (we got kids around, love their lungs!) You may re-enter the festival with wristbands intact. 5. Keep out festival clean PLEASE you guys don't be a litterbug! For more tips/rules on what you can or cannot bring to the festival please read our LOVE NOTES at! Follow @lovelifest for more updates! #lovelifest2017



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