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Phew! I havent stopped doing @Lovelifest work ever since I got back to KL! After months of preparation, @lovelifest is finally arriving tomorrow! Newly added to our happenings; LOVE/LIVE ART featuring the talented @orkibal, @fritilldea, @dashdashjump and @dhanilliani. The live art will begin at 2pm! I want to say thank you to everyone for your love and support! Again please check out, get to know our vendors, our artists, our line up, check out our activities they are all sooo awesome, you can even win prizes. We got @abstraxjingga x Lovelifest official merch that you can buy now or tomorrow and @softsrve is serving their customized 'Lovelifest' ice cream tomorrow! Whuuuuut! Im excited! inshaAllah we will all have fun tomorrow. Cant wait to see you all in your festival outfits too! Haha Thank you sponsors you guys are the best! #lovelifest2017



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