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Full lineup and ticket price for #lovelifest2017 Malaysia is finally here! Come with your loved ones.. we'll listen to some music from my friends and I.. eat some food.. shop for some cool stuff.. Im so excited I just want you all to come and relax and enjoy the festival we put together just for you! Check out our website for more info and get your tickets today! Early bird is only RM120! RM120 for 13 acts who write/produce their own music, performing LIVE music. Not minus ones. Not miming. Real raw talents! And there will be food trucks & bazaar. Edited: I want to personally thank those who already bought tickets & supporting local music. I just want to say if you stop paying for music, musicians have no where to go. It is what we deal with all the time. So thanks for looking at RM120 and going "yuna hujan ock oag salammusik masdo and the rest.. for only 120?!!" instead of "mahalnye." Like really. How much do we worth to you? Thank you for getting us



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