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Shout out to the real ones who purchased my album #yunachapters!! Love u guys!!! Thank you for understanding the hustle and the fact that by buying my music is the only way to really help me and your other favourite artists to keep on making music because it actually PAYS us! Though streaming music is great, please know that my hardwork- I will only get paid for writing all these songs when fans are purchasing the music. It is so hard to make music and sell them these days. So if youre streaming Chapters, and you love it, please buy it on iTunes, or the physical copy. In the meantime. I want to personally thank those i came across on instagram who bought/promoted Chapters you guys are AMAZING!! Thank you @amarhfzdn @nazmyaffan @wannur_ @luqmanhakim96 @xaftzx @syafiqahs73 @faizalsarbini @atifzulkifly @afiq_arrficksz @aleeiw @nurulanati_ @jhnarf @intanshaza



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