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Had the pleasure of bringing out the beautiful @jheneaiko on my set tonight at the @elreytheatre. What a day to be alive Alhamdulillah. My album #chapters is out. My finale show at the El Rey Los Angeles was sold out. Jhene was so lovely to make a surprise appearance for the fans. Thank you all for the support and wonderful feedback on Chapters. Thank you for coming out to my shows. Those who bought tickets, drove out 5 hours/ 7 hours to come see my show, those who brought their kids, their mothers, their wives, their husbands to the show as their birthday gifts, those who bought merch, those who waited for me outside in the cold hours after the show.. I mean just everybody. I was on the road for 25 days and did not feel tired at all because I had so much fun performing for y'all. Thank you so much for bringing positive energy into the hall and leaving beautiful memories for me. This marks the end of my #yunatour2016 see you next time! In the meantime, enjoy #yunachapters #yunatour2016 Photo by the deeds @misdeeds_



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