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Ive to say Im proud of myself today. Today was so good. Got my Malaysians some American breakfast. Drove us to the Rose Bowl flea market. Got myself some pillow shams. Drove to @kshmr's place for a quick meeting. Drove to Malibu and gave the Malaysians their first Malibu experience. Took my mom to see my fav place in the world. Drove an hour back to studio to rehearse. Drove to Target to get some stuff for our shoot tomorrow (and now learning that it will possibly rain with thunderstorm tomorrow near our location) and just got tucked into my bed. I had a lovely day- and i got it all on my lil camera. The infamous VEELOG returns soon! Have a good one everyone. I love you. Here's me doin ma thang. #yunavlog Photo: @aimanness



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