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Meet the girl who kept me company when i couldnt sleep at night (i hated sleeping alone TAKUT!!!) when we were students and youngin in UiTM Merbok. She was always this badass, no-nonsense kinda girl in my class and whenever I'd be scared of something silly and she'd go "Ah tade apa apa ah! You can do this" (Nothing to be scared of!). And now, 10 years later when I go through difficult times she's always there to tell me the same thing - that Im stronger than I think I am. You are who you spend your time with, and thanks to @subey_ i have a lil bit feistiness in me, to fight off all my demons! Here's to 11 years of friendship and more to go! Happy birthday Bai may Allah bless you with happiness and joy that you rightfully deserve for being a wonderful person that you are! Thanks for inspiring me with your strength and courage and i hope i inspire you too with whatever i have! Love youuuu Tag a friend who reminds you of Bai. Tell them you love em today! #happybirthdaybai



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