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This is late but happy international women's day everyone. I intended to post something but I was busy working on more music! My biggest struggle becoming the woman that I am today, was spending my entire 20s trying to please people, have strangers, men and women tell me everything that is wrong with me, lol telling me to literally go to hell and belittling me on my social media comments because I'm a woman, with a turban on my head, not as 'pious' as they think they are and that I should do things the way they think is right. I'm different, and sometimes people, uneducated people think punishing others for being different is right. You are you. Be you my sweet woman. Don't let anybody take the softness in your heart, the light in your eyes, and your magic! I made a decision to be me. So much I've gone through in life (if you followed my career from Malaysia.. You KNOW I've gone through a lot!) but it was all worth it if all of you are learning something from just watching me become this woman that you see now. So ladies.. Get in formation. its women's day everyday. #yunachapters #iwd2016



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